Well-designed and executed irrigation systems are key to maintaining a beautiful and efficient landscape.  A good irrigation system that uses the right equipment makes all the difference when it comes to plants thriving rather than just surviving.  Living Expression Landscapes uses only the highest quality professional materials for irrigation system design and installation.  State of the art irrigation systems are our specialty.

We pay close attention to detail and plan ahead to ensure that your irrigation system, and landscape, will have a long and trouble-free life.  This includes hand-digging trenches whenever necessary and providing working drawings and pressure calculations.  Every irrigation system is unique and must be custom-designed to meet the particular needs of your property.  We also care about using water wisely: No one can afford to waste water so we make sure your irrigation system is water- wise and efficient. 

We want to make sure you fully understand the workings and operation of your individual system. So we’ll always teach you how to properly employ your irrigation controller and provide scheduling recommendations.  Aside from providing irrigation system and valve location drawings to all homeowners, the owner and crew foreman of Living Expression Landscapes carry copies of these drawings with them at all times for easy reference.

This example of an irrigation drawing shows all the components of a working irrigation system as it was actually installed.  It is often difficult to locate the irrigation system valves after grass or other landscape elements have re -grown, so the value and importance of these meticulously drawn plans can not be overestimated.  Each client is provided with one drawing to scale and one smaller color coded copy to keep at the irrigation controller for quick and easy programming.  Avoid paying for repairs to accidentally damaged irrigation system components by easily referencing their location before future changes to your landscape, such as a pool installation.