A Southern Garden Favorite - The Byzantine Gladiolus

Many Glads don't do well here in Southern Texas, but one of our heirloom favorites does: the fabulous Byzantine Gladiolus.  It's definitely NOT your ordinary glad.  This graceful plant has deep magenta spikes of showy, orchid-like flowers, with creamy flash marks on the lower three petals. 

They are as hardy as any spring-flowering bulb, but don’t require lifting in the fall, and it increases year after year into ever-larger and more beautiful clumps, as any good perennial should.  In time, they soon becomes an armful of showy magenta flowers. 

  Byzantine Gladiolus in spring bloom at some of our client's outdoor spaces.

The Byzantine Glad is tough and easy, thriving in 39 states from the deep south to as far north as Zone 6.  It does best in full sun and well-drained soil, though it will also thrive heavy clay soils, and can handle well-watered soils with ease.  The corms are smaller than those of modern glads, and they’re planted in the fall.  Narrow green foliage emerges in the spring and even in bud the plant is beautiful.  The stunning flowers open in earliest summer along with roses, iris, peonies, and many other traditional perennials.  Shortly after flowering the leaves wither as the bulbs go dormant for the summer, only to re-emerge even stronger next year.

Though many sources sell the Byzantine Glad, a lot of the times what you'll actually get is an inferior impostor, usually a wimpy dud that you have to re-plant year after year.  Allow us to design and plant your landscape with the right plants in mind.  Take the hard work out of gardening and just enjoy your outdoor space by calling Living Expression Landscapes for a consultation.

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